MA.BO Elettronica is established in 1988 as an artisan company engaged in transformer building, comprising 2 production staff and the owner. It makes fast technological progress and soon has more than 20 production staff.

In 1999 the company is transformed into an S.r.l. (limited company), moving to a modern new 600 square metre facility. New numerically controlled machines are purchased for the construction of transformers and coils, and special machines for winding copper square conducts. Functional tests are quickly replaced with computerised tests able to carry out any measurement customer request.

In 2001, ISO 9001 certification is obtained, but with a view to continuous improvement the company gains ISO9100 certification in April 2018. This certification offers customers complete transparency on raw materials used and the processes and in-house treatments carried out on individual products.

Today, as when it was first established, the company is managed by the Borgogni family, giving proof of continuation of the initial project and of lasting reliability over the years. This is precisely the company’s strength: experience handed down from father to son, in a crescendo of new technologies and ideas, the marriage of experience and innovation.


To offer top quality at the lowest possible cost.

Our company strives for continuous technological modernisation and an ongoing review of its production areas, in order to remain competitive in an increasingly stringent market by striving to combine production flexibility with low costs.

The development of products we will then produce is key for achieving good value for money. Only in this way can we obtain top performance with the best cost reduction. For us competitiveness means not only lowering costs but also the enhancement and trust of people working with us. We offer excellent products, thanks in part to the continuous updating of our in-house staff and the quality policy, which the management has continuously professed to all company stakeholders. This is key for achieving top results, as our production staff know what to do, and those who control know what to control.

All production processes are carried out in-house, precisely so we can ensure full control of every process and offer customers total transparency on the production of every single batch. Our company wants to be sure that products delivered to customers meet the quality standards.

The paperwork supplied with our products has binding value (compliance certificate), attesting to the real carrying out and related traceability of the individual processing and functional testing phases.

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